Thursday, April 26, 2012

We're having a GIVEAWAY!!

Hello my lovely ladies!

As many of you may know, my 23rd birthday is in ONE week and to show my appreciation for all of your love and support, I have decided to give away one (or two) full-sized set(s) of my brand new Birthday Girl Collection*!!

So heres how it will work. If I can reach 150 followers on my blog, I will give away one set of polishes. If I can reach 230 followers, I will be giving away two full sets of polishes to two lucky winners! I will need help from all you ladies to spread the word! So post on your Facebook, Twitter, and all your groups and you just might be the lucky winner!! 

Go ahead and enter your information into the rafflecopter widget. I will announce the winner on my b-day 5/3/12. Good luck to everyone and don't forget to spread the word!! <3

Also, these polishes will be available for purchase on my birthday as well :)!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing 6 new Psychedelic shades!

Hello everyone!

So, it goes without saying why April is one of the best months of the year. So without further are the polishes in the Psychedelic collection!

First we have Blueberry Yum Yum, a royal blue jelly polish filled with lots of holographic glitter. There is holo micro glitter,  turquoise holo, blue holo, purple holo, blue and silver holo bar, as well as various other sizes and shapes of blue glitter. This one really lights up in the sun! 

My camera was unable to capture the true depth, beauty, and sparkle of these polishes, so I decided to record videos instead. If you'd like to avoid hearing the wind in the background, please mute the videos :-D

The next polish in the collection is called Incrediberry. This one is also awesomely holographic and sparkly! It contains multi sized purple and red glitter, as well as scattered holographic glitter, and purple holographic glitter. You will find holographic silver and red bar glitters peeking out. Also, this polish has a slight pink to orange color shift when layered over darker colors. 


Third up in the collection is called Pineapple express. Pineapple express is a yellow jelly with a lot of gold shimmer! This polish also contains holographic gold hex and gold bar, holographic green, as well as small and bar bronze glitters. It also contains various shapes and sizes of gold glitter. When layered over black, this polish will have a slight gold to green color shift

Next up is a unique purple shade called Purple Urple. Purple Urple is a maroonish purple with blue and purple shimmer and contains many shapes and sizes of glitter including: purple squares and hexes, purple and silver holographic hexes, It also contains hot pink and green holographic bar glitters as well as lots of holographic micro glitter. This polish has a slight blue to purple color shift when layered over darker colors. 

Sour Diesel is an unusual green jelly polish filled with scattered gold holographic micro glitter, green holographic glitter, chartreuse bar glitter, copper hex glitter, as well as various shapes/shades/ and sizes of green glitter. 

Last, but most definitely not the least we have White Widow. White Widow is a very unique white jelly polish full of green and bronze shimmer, silver holographic hex, gold holographic bar, and different shapes/sizes of green glitters. This one looks amazing in the sunlight!

All of these polishes are available in my Etsy Store. Currently, I only have large bottles listed, however mini bottles are also available. For now, i will be sending paypal requests for mini bottles (i'm waiting for a sunny day to take pretty bottle pics). Full sized bottles are $9.00 and mini bottles are $4.85

I would love to hear what you all think about my latest collection!!

Just for the record, GlitterDaze does not condone any illegal activities. Do hugs not drugs ;-)

Stay tuned for some exciting new developments coming soon! 

<3 <3 <3