Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Birthday Girl Collection LE

 Hey there everyone! First and foremost, I would like to give a BIG thank you to everyone who participated in my Giveaway! I am truly amazed that I went from 34 members to 200 in less than a week! You guys are awesome!!! Also, thank you all for your birthday wishes! <3 

So as you all know, today is my birthday and I will be releasing The Birthday Girl Collection. As my way of thanking you all, anyone who makes a purchase today will receive an email with a coupon code for a % off of their next purchase!! 

I have decided to broaden my horizons a little bit, so I am launching this new collection in my brand new SHOP. My Etsy store will still remain open, but the Birthday collection will only be available here (for the time being). 

Before I introduce the polishes, I have a tiny bit of bad news. The polishes in this collection are going to be Limited Edition. Unfortunately, some of the glitters used in these polishes are no longer available, and there is no telling if/when they'll be back. But hopefully I have enough to accommodate everyone :)!!

I'm sure the title of the collection makes it very apparent that this whole collection is themed after ME! So lets get to it!

First up we've got Daddy's Girl. The name is pretty self-explanatory, I am a typical daddy's girl! Daddy's Girl has got black square, pink hex, white bar, silver extra fine, and LOTS of shimmer, all in a clear base. This one is super fabulous and can be layered over many different colors!

Next up we've got Flower Girl. Its actually kind-of weird, but before I moved into my current apartment last August, I unknowingly bought a bunch of random flower decorations for my room. I didn't even plan to have a 'flower theme' but somehow thats what happened LOL! I have a flower lamp, a painting with flowers on it, a beaded flower wall decoration, an actual vase with (fake) flowers, a flowery duvet, AND a shower curtain with flowers! How crazy is that! I'll post pictures of my flower things on my Twitter later today for you guys :)! But anyways, Flower Girl is a really pretty polish which has holographic turquoise, holographic pink, large green, small red, orange and gold bar, as well as purple blossom glitter, all in a translucent pink base. 

Next up we have a unique and interesting polish called Ice Queen. Although I am probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, you definitely don't want to get on my bad side, and if you're on my bad side, you don't wanna tick me off...just sayin :). This one is full of holographic black glitter, silver and periwinkle glitter, as well as white stars and baby blue blossoms, all in a clear base. I'm currently wearing this one layered over a nude and I LOVE it! 

The next polish in this collection is called Little Miss Sunshine. On most days, I feel like this describes me. I'm usually a pretty cheerful person AND sunshine is my favorite word, random I know! This polish is full of pink and yellow blossom glitter, matte white hex and matte pink hex, white and orange bar glitter, as well as pink microfine glitter, all in a clear base. I have been so into floral printed dresses lately, and I know this polish will be PERFECT for florally summer dresses! 


The last polish I have in this collection is called Monsta Love. When you love someone so much that a meager "I love you" just doesn't seem to cut it, tell them "I MONSTA love you" ;-) <3. This polish has so much depth and if I HAD to pick a favorite of the collection, I'm pretty sure I would pick this one. Monsta Love contains various sizes of lavender glitters, various shapes and sizes of purple glitter, holographic purple glitter, red bar glitter, red shard glitter, large hot pink, AND red hearts! 


As I mentioned above, this entire collection will ONLY be available in my new shop

Minis are $4.85
Full-Sizes are $8.50
They are also available as sets! 

I want to see all of your creative layering combos! Share a picture on my Facebook or Tweet me a picture!!

I hope you guys like this collection and I'd love to hear which polish YOU like best!

Thank you ALL again for all of your support <3 <3 <3