Monday, January 30, 2012

My Nail Polish Debut-- Love at First Sight!!

Hello my lovely readers! I firstly want to thank Glazed Talons for mentioning me in her blog! It was so reinforcing to have my blog talked about immediately after my first post J!!

Next, I would like to introduce my very first collection, Love at First Sight (pun intended lol). As the name implies, this is a Love inspired collection, and includes colors that one would typically associate with love! 

Polishes from left to right: First Love, Pure Seduction, Cupid Hit Me, One Grape Love
First Love 

First Love is a soft pink nail polish with medium-sized light pink and lavender glitter, as well as small gold and silver glitter. This is a beautiful color, inspired by the innocent bliss one experiences the first time they fall in love. 

Pure Seduction

Pure seduction is a deep red polish with a LOT of glitter! It contains medium sized gold, fuchsia, and garnet glitter, as well as small red glitter. This polish has SO much depth. It is so versatile and looks unique in various lightings. This is my favorite of the bunch! 

Cupid Hit Me

Cupid Hit Me is a fun and flirty hot pink. It is loaded with multi-sized pink and red glitter as well as silver holographic glitter. It is super eye catching and sparkly-- its hard not to stare!

One Grape Love

One Grape Love is a warm purple polish with red, purple, and fuchsia glitters. Pictures definitely don't do this one justice, but it is really nice in person. It has all the awesome colors of valentines day mixed into a beautiful polish. 

All of these nail polishes are are transparent enough to be layered over other colors, yet build opacity in 2-3 coats! For the best results, be sure to use a thick top coat until the nails are smooth. 

The polishes are currently available for purchase. Just go to the shop tab and place your order!

Stay tuned for tips on how to apply GlitterDaze Nail Polish!!

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My very first post!!

Hello future readers, and welcome to my blog!! It’s a little weird writing this post right now because it feels like I’m talking to myself, but hopefully I’ll have a bunch of subscribers soon! I have loved nail polish ever since I was a little girl. I remember my mom wouldn’t let me wear it until I was like eight years old. Once, we were at the beauty supply store, and I saw a gorgeous dusty blue polish by O.P.I. and I knew I had to have it. Surprisingly my mommy let me buy it, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I took a break from polish, and went the acrylic route for a few years, during which I was OBSESSED with colorful glittery nails. This past summer, I decided I would try to regrow my natural nails and get them back to being smooth and healthy.  In august, I had 32 bottles of nail polish, mostly O.P.I. Now, in January, I have over 100 (of various different brands)!!! Over the past few months, I’ve followed several nail blogs, and learned SO many different things! The one thing that really caught my attention was frankening. Frankening is the process of mixing together various nail polishes to create your own unique shade (I will do a more in-depth post on this soon!).  Once I started frankening, I just couldn’t stop! My frankening obsession + a ton of glitter and VOILA GlitterDaze was born! I hope my sparkly creations bring you as much happiness as they bring me! In this blog, I will be sharing nail polish tips and tricks, frankening information and recipes, as well as swatches and reviews of my polishes! Hope you all subscribe and enjoy!! <3