Friday, September 28, 2012

The Diva Collection Parts I and II

Hello my lovely ladies!!

Its finally time for me to introduce you all to the much awaited Diva Collection! My inspiration for this collection came from the music of a handful of my favorite Divas! I am not affiliated with any of the artists portrayed, just inspired by them :)! This collection will be released in multiple parts, grouped by the artists by which they were inspired. Today I'll be sharing Parts I and II. Hope you guys love them all! Lets jump right in :)!!

Part I of this collection is inspired by the soulful and fabulous Beyonce. 

Crazy in Love is a super fun glitter topcoat full of black and hot pink matte shredded glitter, black hearts, and small holographic glitter. The layering combinations for this one are endless! 

Dance for You is a black jelly polish filled with a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades of silver with a little black glitter sprinkled in. This one is very classy and perfect for the fall! You can layer this polish over other colors, or build it up to opacity on its own.

Girls Run the World is a bold glitter topcoat full of black, pink, white, and gold shredded glitter with red, fuchsia, and white hexagonal accents. This polish is the perfect balance between fierce and feminine. 

Halo is a special effect glitter topcoat full of gold and iridescent shredded glitter in a golden holographic clear base. This polish will look different over various colors because of the special effect iridescent glitter. 

Naughy Girl is another perfect for fall glitter topcoat consisting of black, silver, and pink shredded glitters in a silver holographic clear base. This polish looks perfect layered over light and dark colors! 

Upgrade You is a while jelly polish with gold, silver, and purple shredded glitter and a beautiful lavender shimmer. This one can be worn over other colors or built up to opacity on its own. Such a luxurious look! 

Part II of this collection is inspired by the bold and eclectic Nicki Minaj 

Its Barbie, Biatch
is a blingy glitter topcoat for all the Barbies out there! It consists of multisized white glitter, large matte pink squares, and small holographic hexes and bars. 

Reloaded is a very unique glitter topcoat with multicolored matte shreds, black shreds, and large multicolored neon hexes. This polish gives off a 'paint splattered' effect and because of the semi-transparent neon glitters, it looks different over various colors. 

Right By My Side is a bright pink jelly polish filled with iridescent shredded glitter. Application on this one is a bit tricky, but totally worth it in my opinion! This polish can be worn alone or layered on top of other colors. The iridescent glitters will change over darker colors!

Starships is a super sparkly glitter topcoat consisting of multishape/size/shade of pink and green matte as well as metallic glitters. It'll look great layered over a variety of base colors!

The Diva Collection is now available in my BRAND NEW STORE! As you can see from the pictures, I have changed my bottles and revamped things a whole lot to bring you all an even better GlitterDaze experience :)! Some things to note about these changes:

* We now carry larger bottle sizes. Minis are now 7mL instead of 5 mL and Fulls are now 14 mL instead of 12.5 mL
* We now offer reward points! Each polish you purchase earns you reward points which you can use for a discount on your next purchase OR save them up to receive a FREE polish of your choice! 
* You are now able to leave testimonials about your shopping experience as well as specific reviews for each product you purchase. I love any and all feedback and I would really appreciate testimonials and reviews! :)
* Shipping charges on each polish are now significantly reduced. You only pay exactly what it costs to ship your item, vs paying for shipping AND packaging costs! Yayy for low shipping!! 

So there we have it! I would love to hear your thoughts! Which ones do you like the most? How do you like the new website?

Until next time ladies :)

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  1. Its Barbie,Biatch is so feminine looking and right up my alley.

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  4. Wow your collection is awesome I have to say Reloaded is by far my favorite.

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  7. What lovely polishes...think I may have to invest!

  8. Hey cutie I just found you from Eat Yourself Skinny LOVE your blog! So excited to read more!! You are so talented I love all of your work! Wish I lived closer to ya so I could have you do my nails :)
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  9. Dance for You is gorgeous!! Very great collection dear!! Did you make these??