Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dusting off the cobwebs!

Hello my lovely ladies!

Needless to say, it has been MONTHS since my last post, six months to be exact!! So much has happened these past few months; new collections, multiple sales and coupons, addition of new products, etc. Moving forward, there will also be A LOT of changes, but lets save that for another post ;-). 

So lets have a little recap and go over all of the polishes that were released since my last post :). All of these polishes are still available unless stated otherwise. 

First up we had our halloween collection, inspired by one of my favorite shows EVER, Charmed. I did not watch this show growing up (how the heck did I miss that!!), but discovered it one night browsing Netflix. It quickly became one of my favorite shows and I felt like it would be a very appropriate theme for Halloween! The collection is comprised of six polishes. 

For swatches and reviews of this collection, check out Victoria's, Carly's, Chelsea's, and Amy's blogs! 

Next up we have the Goddess Collection, which was inspired by popular Goddesses of various regions in the world. We are planning to add more polishes to this collection over time, but for now there are five glittery and sparkly topcoats. 

For swatches and review of this collection, check out Victoria's and Chelsea's blogs :)! 

Next, we did the Diva Collection Part III. This collection is based upon a very popular hip-hop diva, Rihanna! The polishes in this collection are inspired by a variety of Rihanna's songs, some new and some old favorites of mine :)! There are five polishes in total and they all have colored bases. 

For swatches and review, please visit Valesha's Blog

For the holidays, we released an extra limited edition polish called Holodaze; it was our first linear holographic polish, but most definitely wont be our last!! Holodaze is no longer available. I am unable to find bottle shots of it at the moment, but you can view swatches and review on Sheila's blog! 

Our final collection of 2012 was one I am absolutely IN LOVE with. It just might be my favorite collection so far, and was definitely a step outside of my box! It was inspired by various cities in America, and sunsets; hence the name Sunset in the City. Each polish is a holographic multichrome, and they all have a scattered linear effect (does that even make sense?). Although they can be worn alone, the true effect can only be seen when layered over darker colors. The colors REALLY pop in the sunlight :)!! 

Its a hard to see the holographic goodness in these photos, but I promise its there :)! Aren't they just magnificent :-D?! To see some amazing swatches check out Sheila's, Victoria's, Jody's blogs!!

We started off 2013 with our second love themed collection. Looking back at our debut love collection, I'm so happy to see all of the growth and evolution that has happened  in every single aspect of my brand. From formula and design to packaging and presentation, we have come a very long way, and have no intention of stopping any time soon!! Anyways, this collection, Love is in the Air, consists of 9 polishes all inspired by feelings of love! 

For swatches of this collection, head on over to Jacki's, Carla's, Samantha's (part 1, part 2), and Victoria's (part 1, part 2) blogs! 

In honor of our first birthday, we released a girly and fun limited edition birthday polish called Birthday Cupcake. This polish is no longer available. 


I literally had almost 20 bloggers swatch and review this polish the day it was released, so to save us all from linking and viewing each blog separately, I'm going to link you to Google Images :)

Last but not least, is our St. Patty's day Party Duo. This duo consists of two polishes, a sparkly emerald jelly and a fun and versatile glitter topcoat! 

Check out reviews on Sheila's, Samantha's, Kellie's, and Jackie's blogs! 

So there you have it gals! Six months worth of info all in one convenient location :-D!! Have you tried any of these polishes? How did you like them? I love customer feedback and would love to hear from you guys! 

As you can see I've been super busy over the last few months!! If you've been following me on Facebook, you know that there are some more changes happening here at GlitterDaze. I cant wait to show you all everything I've been working so hard for!

Later today, I will be posting again regarding some fun spring polishes, so come back in the afternoon!!

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See y'all when you come back in a few hours!

xx Sana


  1. LOVE this recap! You are so talented and I love seeing it all on one page like this :)