Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Soft Launch

Hi everyone. I am back, as promised! A little later than anticipated, but I spent a good chunk of my day at the vet's office. My dog Browny is not doing so well :(.

At the moment, our main website is down for some maintenance/remodeling. I wanted to still make our spring polishes available to you guys, especially since some of them are Easter themed and I want y'all to have them in time for Easter!

A few changes to make note of: Our full sized bottles will now have a new label design (but you'll have to wait to see it!). We have also changed our bottle style for our mini polishes. Instead of the short round bottles, we now have tall thin bottles that are 6 mL instead of the former 7 mL. Another great new change is that both bottle styles now come with flat brushes, which means NO MORE FISHING for glitter :-D!!!

If you are interested in purchasing these polishes, please fill out the form at the bottom and we will send you an invoice via PayPal. Today you will be able to purchase 2 out of our 3 spring lines!! Invoicing and shipping will start right away!

Spring Serenity
Full coverage matte pastel glitter polish. The perfect base for any spring glitter topper. You can add topcoat or leave them without for some texture. Please note that these are NOT meant to be similar to the Liquid Sand style of nail polishes!!

A Peace of Heaven
Calming Waterfalls
Dewy Meadows
Fluffy Clouds
Soft Petals
Warm Sunshine
Easter Explosion
A collection of four Easter themed glitter-bombs! These are truly spectacular in person. A must have for this season, even after Easter has passed!!

Bombtastic Bunny- several different shades and sizes of light blue and pink mixed in with all different shapes and sizes of holographic silver glitters! 
Chicky Chicky Boom Boom- A mix of multisized yellow and matte pink glitter with lavender hearts and holographic lavender glitters

Dynamite Duckling- a mixture of  multisized light green and light pink glitters combined with holographic gold and white accents! 

Eggsplosive- a pastel glitterbomb full of multiple shapes and sizes of aqua, light blue, green, pink, yellow, lavender and white pastel glitters combined with several different sizes of iridescent glitter for a cool effect over various colors! 

If you would like to receive your polishes by 3/30, make sure you get your order in by 3/26 at 3pm cst and pay your invoice immediately! Happy shopping, hope you guys love them :)! 

xoxo <3 Sana